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Really Good Stuff, 2nd bottle

Im on my second bottle of Thicc; my first one lasted between 2-3 months. I’m absolutely noticing baby hairs growing back, and more fullness. My hair and scalp seem overall healthier. I was losing significant amounts of my hair on my temples and hairline, and the hair is not sprouting back. I do a scalp massage for 5 mins and then apply the oil and massage that in for another 2 mins. I leave it on for about 2 hours and double shampoo + condition. Game changer. So glad I went for it!

Amazing results!

I’ve been using this since 2020 or 2021 and can say I love this product. It works amazing for me. I have very thin hair, but this product has made it much fuller and thicker.

Five star product

I bought this for my bf and he honestly loves everything about it . He says it feels natural, smells great, and he’s seen immediate results with his hair growing back thicker. I also agree, and have seen a difference in his hair. I bought this for him as a gift because he didn’t want to buy it himself since he doubted it would do anything . Right before I bought it for him he was contemplating shaving off his hair, and just last night he said this product has changed that for him.

Never received

Shipping took forever, but I'm going to try out this product n let y'all know the spill .

Thicc Hair Oil - Follicle Stimulating, DHT Blocking.

Works great

I have been using thicc for 6 months and it works great was using minioxdill for years and found out how bad it was with side effects am so glad i started using thicc organics best thing i ever did use the roller and hair messager and oil your hair will come back just be patient it works trust me thankyou thiccorganics for growing my hair back

Received damaged

I have been using this product for a few months now as well as my son…it works…baby hairs have been consistently growing in…my most recent order was received damaged and missing bottles…so far the customer service to resolve this matter has been very prompt…thank you

Has made a huge difference in thinning post covid. I noticed less shedding pretty quickly after starting, and my hair growing back in after a few months, and now close to a year later my hair grows faster and healthier than ever.

Only things that’s made my hair grow 10/10 5 stars absolutely amazing!


I can even smell how organic and natural this is… it’s the magical concoction of all the beneficial natural oil for scalp. Wow

Saved my hair!

I started to experience drug induced hair loss from blood thinners, and not just ANY hair loss....a SIGNIFICANT and concerning and defeating level of hair loss. My hair has thinned out an unbelievable amount and I'm certain for anyone...that this causes serious stress.

I looked into hair serums which I started using but then looked into hair oil as well since I see it ALL over social media. I liked the ingredients for this oil and that it is organic! I decided (in a panic) to purchase a bottle and I am grateful I did.

Within 2 weeks of using it every other day, my hair loss SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. I still have (what I would say) more "normal" levels of hair loss like after brushing or in the shower but it is nothing like two weeks prior. I am astounded. I am so happy and I feel the confidence coming back. I know it'll take awhile for the hair to grow back but at least the loss is being addressed. I will be buying for a LONG time. I'm almost in tears writing this review. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for this product!

Actually, not using.
Gave away
I only wash my hair once a week

Thicc Hair Oil 3 Pack
Diana Salinas
It works. It works. IT WORKS!

I apply it every three days and have seen real results in a little over a month. My hair line looks fuller. With that being said, I stopped a few months ago and my hairline went back to the way it was. It is not a cure for hair loss. I will have to use it forever I guess...

Super Satisfied

Been using for the past two weeks! I’m seeing tons of baby hairs. My hair was thinning due to covid. I know this second time it hit me with of ton of bricks, due to the stress and illness my hair was falling out. Thank you thicccccc Organics for creating an amazing product.

Within one week my hair stopped falling out

I love thicc organics. My hair was falling out in large clumps and since starting this oil three times a week applying a bit more than suggested my hair has completely stopped falling out. Works like a miracle.

I’ve been using this oil for about a year, and there’s so much difference! I was shedding and found thin spots after covid, and Thicc saved me! Consistency is key! I recommend to anyone to try this!

Love it

I’ve never had a hair product alleviate symptoms of itchy, irritated, flaky scalp as effectively as thicc hair oil. It feels and smells great massaging it in after a shower! First time going to a barber after using this product they asked what product I use in my hair because they’re used to excessive dandruff in their clients especially in winter.

Love it!

I love this product , I already bought like 15 of them for my entire family

Works, consistency is key

I haven’t been very consistent with oiling my scalp but I’m trying. I’ve used this on and off for the past year and it seems like it has lessened my shedding. I also see baby hairs coming out. My hair used to get greasy on the second day but ever since I started oiling my scalp with this, I can go up to 4 days before I need to wash. I think my scalp was producing extra grease because it was unhealthy. My scalp becomes less itchy and irritated when I do apply oil.

Amazing oil and it works!

My hair has definitely grown and the bare patches have been convered only because of this! A lifetime customer

So far I am loving this after two uses I can tell a difference and I’m going to continue

Phenomenal Product!

Within a month, I grew new hair and lose less and less as I comb and shower. I’ve been receding a lot over the last few years, but this product is bringing back what I lost faster than I had thought! I am so happy I tried this product and bought plenty more after the first purchase. I encourage everyone to give this product a try :) I am sure you will not feel disappointed.