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Thicc Hair Roller - 0.5mm Microneedle

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The most stimulating thing in your life...

Follicle Stimulating Microneedler System

Our custom rollers are manufactured exclusively for us!

Our custom derma roller is made with the highest quality titanium needles which helps stimulate and increase blood flow to inactive follicles, encouraging thiccer, fuller looking hair.
Our Thicc Hair Roller uses an innovative 0.5mm micro needle multi-plate system that is stronger than other brands.

Boosts Efficacy When Combined With Topical Products

Microneedling has been shown in studies to be helpful for those with thinning hair.(click here for study
It also allows topical products like our organic hair oil, Thicc Hair Oil, to absorb better and penetrate deeper. 
Microneedling has been shown in studies to boost efficacy when used together with a topical hair stimulating product! (click here for study)
Give your hair the stimulation it deserves with this revolutionary tool!

3 Steps to hair bliss!

Use our Thicc Hair Oil 3 times a week before washing

Use our Thicc Hair Roller once a week to stimulate your follicles.

Use our Thicc Scalp Brush to shampoo & cleanse your scalp

Enjoy your happy hair and healthier scalp!

Check out our Thicc Hair Kit! Bundle all our products together and save $10!

Disinfect with isopropyl alcohol before & after use. Replace your roller every 3 months or once the needles are dull. Do not use too much pressure as it can cause damage to the scalp.

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Angel Molina
Never received

I never got my package I'm convinced it's a scam for your money I should b automatically ensured with the money I spent on there products for the first time too! Im definitely not returning and I'm taken y'all to small claims court because I have proof from the USPS you guys never shipped out anything just made a label . Oh and customer service don't help either it's a robot sending out a B.S excuse!!