Proudly made in America

Our organic hair oil is proudly made in the USA in sustainable small batches! We make our organic hair oil in small batches with locally sourced organic ingredients to ensure the best quality & potency possible in every bottle!

  • Named Best Organic Hair Growth Oil by Women's Health Magazine in 2023!

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Named Best Organic Hair Growth Oil by Women's Health Magazine in 2023!

Named Best Natural Hair Growth Oil by Town & Country Magazine in 2024!

Clinically studied ingredients.

We use proven organic ingredients like Rosemary Essential Oil, Green Coffee Bean Oil(for caffeine), & Pumpkin Seed Oil to nourish the follicles for your healthiest hair yet! Finally a product that works for everybody in every body! No matter the gender or hair type! Use it to promote healthier thicker hair on your scalp, brows, or even beard!

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Verified Customer Results & Reviews

Fantastic Product! I’ve been using this hair oil for almost a year and I’ve noticed improved hair growth and overall hair health. I love my hair care routine of oiling before washing and have recommended this oil to others as well. Great product! – K Kelly

Begin your thicc hair journey today!

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3 steps to hair bliss!

Use Thicc Hair Roller once a week to stimulate your follicles & promote blood flow for healthy nutrients.

Use Thicc Hair Oil 3 times a week as a pre-shampoo treatment to block DHT & stimulate the scalp.

Use Thicc Scalp Brush everyday either by itself or with our hair oil to massage the scalp to soothe & revitalize.

Powered by plants. Backed by science.

Our innovative formula is 100% organic, natural, vegan, & cruelty free! It is made in sustainable small batches to ensure the highest quality product possible. We use clinically proven ingredients like Rosemary Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil which have all been studied for promoting healthy hair growth! We also use Green Coffee Bean Oil as caffeine has been shown to block DHT, which can help slow down hair fall! Dermarolling & massaging the scalp has also been shown to help boost efficacy of topical hair stimulants.

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Verified Customer Results

An organic hair growth oil that works! Clinically proven ingredients to help men & women battle their hair loss naturally!

start growing your hair!

The science behind Thicc Organics

Researchers found in this study, which compared Rosemary Oil to Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) that the natural remedy was just as effective OTC drug. Caffeine can help decrease DHT and increase growth factors as shown in this study. In another study they even boldly state in their title that "Peppermint Oil Promotes Hair Growth Without Toxic Signs"! There was even a randomized double blind trial that showedlavender, rosemary, thyme, cedarwood  essential oils to be a safe and effective treatment of Alopecia Areata! Pumpkin seed oil can help reduce DHT and the study shows that it “provides evidence of a promising potential role of PSO in treating Female Pattern Hair Loss”. This shows us that natural remedies can be just as effective than the OTC in helping to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss!

Who can use Thicc Hair Oil?

Everyone can use it! It is formulated to be suitable for all hair types, skin types, and genders. Rosemary, Pumpkin Seed Oil, and Caffeine have been studied for their efficacy for promoting hair growth and blocking DHT which can prevent hair loss! Tea Tree and Lavender are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help with overall scalp health. A healthy scalp is crucial to a healthy head of hair! It can also be used to maintain a healthy head of hair! Simply massage it into your scalp and enjoy the simple pleasures of giving yourself a little head rub . Below are some instructions on how to use our follicle stimulating oil.

Real results based on research and personal experience

Real results based on personal experiences. I started losing my hair around the time COVID-19 started causing global shut downs. I was feeling constantly stressed and was losing hair at a rapid rate. Trips to the doctor and the use of OTC Minoxidil seemed to just make things worse. I was depressed, lost, and was in the darkest moment of my life. My hair meant everything to me, it was part of my identity. It felt like I was losing a part of myself. That’s when I decided to take things into my own hands. I spent my time researching natural and organic hair growth alternatives. To my delight, I found multiple peer reviewed studies and clinical trials that show the great efficacy of certain essential oils and ingredients in promoting hair growth! You can read more about the details below!

Start your hair growth journey today!
  • Real Verified Customer Results!

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Real Verified Customer Results!

Works for both men & women

Created with every single person in mind. Suitable for all hair and skin types

Science meets Nature