Thicc Organics Customer Hair Growth Oil Results

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Organic natural hair growth oil customer results


These are just some of the results that customers have sent to us, and allowed us to share, after they started using our organic hair growth oil. They suffer from a range of hair loss conditions from Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Post Partum Hair Loss, Male / Female Pattern Balding or Androgenic Alopecia, Thinning Hair, Telogen Effluvium, Covid Hair Loss. It also works on any hair type, from sleek and straight, to 4c kinky hair. It can also help with eyebrows and beards.

My own personal hair loss and hair growth journey. Alopecia + Alopecia Areata related hair loss. The whole reason why we have our organic hair growth oil formula. 

Male Pattern Balding or Androgenic Alopecia related hair loss. Hair is growing in healthy, bald spots have filled in!

This customer has had Alopecia since she was 9! So happy to be able to help her grow back her eyebrows! They says they no longer need to micro blade their eyebrows because it has grown so much and her hair on her head is also filling in!

This customer had Alopecia Areata bald spot which she was trying to treat for a year but did not get any results. 2 months after using Thicc Organics, she was able to grow enough hair for a box braid! Yes, it can also be used on 4c hair and for protective styles!

A customer shares her frontal hairline regrowth using our hair growth oil! Seeing their baby hair growth is so exciting!

This customer decided to use our organic hair growth oil as a beard growth oil. He used it on his beards bald spot which has since filled in showing that this may be able to help you with facial hair!

This customer sent us a sweet message telling us that our Thicc Organics hair growth oil helped him with his covid-19 related hair loss! 

A customer who can't believe her hair growth after just a month of using our organic natural hair growth oil!

Another review from a happy customer on TikTok! 💖

A review from my real life bestie! 💖 I gave her a hair growth oil after she gave birth to help her with post partum hair loss! This is my fav gift for my new mommy friends! 

Another happy review from another happy customer! They say that it’s helping them with their PCOS related hair loss and their insecurities are fading away. 💖

A review from a customer on Instagram! They say that they have seen more growth after using our product for a month than they have ever gotten after 5 years on OTC Hair Loss Drug Minoxidil! Amazing! 💖 BRB going to cry now 🥹💖


The results from a customer who has been using our hair growth oil for about 3 months! Her results are incredible! This is what had me crying my eyes out on instagram the other day.